Policy Consultation


The School of Healthcare is committed to turning experience into knowledge that can be used to improve services to the public, and to develop professional practice. This commitment has led to the School being invited to evaluate policy initiatives, create documents that are easily accessed and understood by those who could benefit, and summarise complex undertakings into concise models.

Early examples of this important work include projects undertaken for the Regional Health Authority for Northern and Yorkshire that set the stage for NHS modernisation efforts. Projects include an evaluation of the assistant psychologist role, identifying best practice for recruitment and retention and evaluation of the role of school nurses in primary care.


Working on commission from the Department of Health and Children in Ireland, academic staff members have undertaken a number of projects that have translated national development activities into easy-to-access reports.

Published Documents

Final Report on the Empowerment of Nurses and Midwives Steering Group – An Agenda for Change

A Collection of Exemplars Illustrating Empowerment of Nurses and Midwives: Empowerment Narratives

Report on an Evaluation Study of the Leading an Empowered Organisation Programme (LEO) for Clinical Nurse Managers 1

The Department of Health in England continues to rely on the expertise and resources of the school of healthcare to support its policy work. Recent work includes significant contribution to the Modernising Nursing Careers and Confidence in Caring: A Framework for Best Practice initiatives, as well as two evaluation studies which examined the impact of policy initiatives on care Assessing the Successes and Impact of ‘A Matron’s Charter: An Action Plan for Cleaner Hospitals and Assessing the Successes and Impact of the Ward Housekeeper Role.'


A further consultation involved the development of a national policy for practice development in collaboration with NHS Quality Improvement Scotland. This initiative resulted in the School of Healthcares model of applied practice development being adopted as a national framework for practice development across Scotland. Invitations to undertake projects that support knowledge translation in the care environment continue.