New Technologies

The development of new technologies and services emerge from the research based expertise within the School. An example of this is Luto (Leeds University Testing Organisation).


Luto is a 'spin out' company originating in the School of Healthcare and was founded in 2004. Their founder and academic advisor Professor Theo Raynor is a respected world leader in the research and development of Consumer Medicines Information. Luto has steadily grown since they started testing Patient Information Leaflets (PILs) in 2004; they now apply their knowledge to other resources including medical device Instructions for Use (IFU) and lay summaries for Risk Management Plans.

Building on their founding principles, Luto’s mission is to write and design great digital and traditional health communications, and then test them with real people to make sure the information meets their needs. Such health information, whether on screen or paper, is critical to the success of health services in Europe, the US and beyond.

Luto works with a range of healthcare and technology companies, from small to medium sized businesses to international pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Luto also contract their services and share their research with government organisations, regulators, industry trade bodies and charities. All work is conducted under Luto’s ISO 9001 Quality System.


Increasing complexity and costs mean that patients themselves play a central role in ensuring safe, effective and appropriate treatment. They cannot play this role without clear, usable and accessible information. Luto’s work enables patients to make more informed decisions about their healthcare.

The unique methodology devised by Luto recognises both the formative and iterative nature of User Testing. Before conducting a study they advise on the readability of the information being tested and offer a full review of the information, incorporating their exclusive ‘Audience Design Step’ (ADS) which engages real users in the design.

Luto also has a strong grounding in Usability Testing, for example, when applied to IFUs for medical devices. Luto can help companies understand how users interact with their communications or device, using traditional testing methods alongside human factors. Luto offers a range of study methods and tools that can be designed to meet client’s needs.


Luto works with organisations across the world to enhance the clarity of health information to enable patients to make better informed decisions about their own healthcare. They have developed a close understanding of the legislative framework with respect to patient information for both licensed medicines and medical devices.

The strong academic advisory panel at Luto led by Professor Raynor, means that the latest research can be applied directly to projects, ensuring a successful exchange of knowledge from academia to industry. Luto also continue to support academic development and research in the field - recently welcoming Vivien Tong from The University of Sydney, who is partly-supervised by Professor Raynor, into their head offices to conduct research into the development of over?the?counter medicines information for the Phase 1 research of her PhD.

Academic Leads

Professor Theo Raynor, University of Leeds

More information is available on the Luto website:


Tel: +44 (0) 113 384 5900