Our Research Environment

We encourage every member of academic and research active staff to do research that will make a positive difference to the public, health and social care policy, education and practice. We are committed to involving patients and the public in our research.  The School provides an environment and support in which staff flourish to sustainably deliver and disseminate world-leading research We have a dedicated research support team.  We provide academic mentorship for all staff and an active early career researcher forum. An ongoing programme of events is important for promoting our vibrant community and developing ourselves – all of which makes the School a stimulating place to work and study.

Supporting our research students

The School is an established environment for the preparation of research students. All students are encouraged to align to one of the School research themes and join one or more research group meetings to gain support and insight into research developments that may relate to their study. Students are encouraged to consult the School research event pages or contact the relevant research theme lead, should you wish to align to a specific group.

Our Faculty research environment 

In addition to the School research environment, we contribute to and benefit from being a part of the wider Faculty of Medicine and Health research environment. This includes for example the Post-doctoral Academy  to support post-doctoral staff across the Faculty and seminar programmes and events, many of which are listed on the website of the Faculty or specific Schools linked to it that complement our work in the School, such as the Leeds Institute of Health Sciences research seminar programme.