Child Nursing

Children’s nursing is child focused and family-centred, nurses working in partnership with children, parents and carers in decision making and provision of care. At Leeds our team has a range of clinical and scholarly interests, from critical care, paediatric oncology to neonatal care.

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Yale/NSPCC project

The child nursing team are currently working with Yale University on a new project with the NSPCC called ''Minding the baby' for at-risk young mothers, which is being trialled nationally in the UK.

Want to become a Child Nurse?

If you are thinking of applying to study Child Nursing, you should be taking A Level  Biology. Our students explain the reasons how it will benefit you...

'Nursing is based around the body and therefore biology is a vital aspect and a big part of the degree. Having biology A-level has made it so much easier for me to understand and gain the knowledge I need to progress.' (Megan Hawkey 3rd year)

'Completing an access course that had a biology module was probably the biggest asset I could have had coming into a child nursing degree. I don't how I would have coped without it.'  (Laura Cox 2nd year)

'Biology is an entry criteria, not to make it difficult for prospective students but because the tutors have listened to the students and understand that students need a biological foundation in order to prevent them from struggling and ensure success.' (Megan Hawkey 3rd year)

' I'm very glad to have an A Level in Biology, as even though the required level of understanding here is higher right from the beginning of the course, it gave me a foundation of knowledge to build on.' (Catalina Marrin 1st year)