What to Expect

school of healthcare what to expect

Life in the School of Healthcare is never dull...We have some of the most demanding courses in the country, longer than most others, with placements and study right from the start and so studying with us requires commitment, determination and dedication.

What makes a successful healthcare graduate?

The School of Healthcare is one of the top three healthcare schools in the country with inspirational teachers, world class researchers and outstanding facilities to support you.

Our values

Our values are what sets us apart as a School and educator and also help identify the qualities we look for in our students. Our graduates are highly valued within the NHS because of their values and the NHS put them at the core of their training. Learn more about our values here

Practice experience

Your theoretical study will be supported with and applied to practice learning experienced in a range of leading primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare settings where you will receive teaching and supervision from a range of expert healthcare practitioners.

Service user and carer involvement

Service users (patients) and carers are involved in all aspects of healthcare education and research in Leeds . We have a dedicated area with more information and resources to view at the Service User and Carer Involvement website.

Personal experience

Some previous experience of caring for others provides essential preparation for and confirmation that a healthcare career is the right choice for you. This can be as diverse as care of a family member, voluntary work in school, local church, community or crèche or work as a care assistant or St John’s ambulance.

The Rewards

Healthcare is not 9 to 5, routine or boring. It is busy, challenging and above all a rewarding career choice because our students make a difference to the well being of others. You are supported by professionals and colleagues in a profession with clear career pathways and competitive salaries and where above all you will be making a positive difference to someone's life. If this sounds appealing and you are looking for a profession that is unique, uplifting and rewarding, explore the rest of this site to find out more about our professions.