Values Based Recruitment: What works, for whom, why, and in what circumstances?


The National Health Service (NHS) employs over a million people and it is important to ensure the ‘right’ people are recruited to NHS caring positions and to the educational programmes that train them in universities.  Values-based recruitment (VBR) is an approach being used in the expectation that it will align the values and behaviours of NHS staff and students with the values of the NHS and expectation of the public. VBR assumes that recruiting for values and behaviours, and then maintaining and encouraging these, will improve the quality of healthcare provision. Whilst intuitively appealing, there is no evidence to support this assumption. This research study aims to evaluate the effects of VBR, in particular to explore its implementation, how people respond, what is working well and what lessons can be learned.

The study commenced on 1 April 2015.

DH Disclaimer
This project web site presents independent research commissioned and funded by the Department of Health Policy Research Programme (“Values based recruitment: What works, for whom, why, and in what circumstances?”, PR-R10-0514-14002).The views expressed in these pages are those of the research team and not necessarily those of the Department of Health.