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Aims and Objectives

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Strategic Aims and Objectives

The School has developed a draft strategic vision which is currently under discussion:

We will translate excellence in research and scholarship, within each of our academic portfolios, into an exceptional student experience, and make a major impact upon society.

Our aspirations

1. Our aspiration is to produce sustainable, high quality, applied research that makes a difference to policy and practice, and therefore individuals, families and communities. This means our research will:

1.1. address the key national / international challenges in the professional practice of our disciplines

1.2. produce outputs recognised internationally by their quality (e.g. rigour, significance and originality)

1.3. be undertaken by teams with critical mass to develop and deliver a portfolio of research activity (such as fellowships, projects, and programmes)

1.4. be sustainably funded by external agencies

1.5. inspire and provide opportunities for students to undertake post-graduate research

1.6. be integrated with the wider community of providers and researchers at Leeds and beyond.

2. Our aspiration is to produce critical, innovative and reflective graduates ready to deliver excellence in practice, and who have the potential to be leaders of the future. This means our education will: 2.1. attract the most able students, nationally and internationally, who demonstrate the professional and academic attributes needed to thrive at the University of Leeds

2.2. equip students to practice ethically according to highest standards of compassion, dignity and appreciation of diversity

2.3. be informed by the current bodies of research to which staff contribute

2.4. expose students to staff working at the frontiers of research, scholarship, and practice from across the disciplines at the University of Leeds and the local health economy

2.5. provide an exceptional student experience evidenced by feedback

2.6. result in our graduates having excellent employability.

3. Our aspiration is to make a difference to the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities. Our staff will influence and lead within the disciplines and hence make an impact on education, research, policy and practice. This means that:

3.1. the professional and scholarly expertise of our staff will be recognised by peers, regulatory bodies and policy makers

3.2. our staff will contribute to the development of national policy and practice

3.3. our scholarly activities will be innovative and attract external funding

3.4. we make significant contributions to learning such as invited publications or textbooks

4. Our aspiration is to be an employer of choice. This means that we will

4.1. provide a sustainable, distinctive portfolio of activity that integrates research, scholarship and teaching and actively engage with staff across the School in the pursuit of this

4.2. attract, develop and retain staff to deliver excellence in research, education, professional, technical and administrative roles

4.3. support all our staff to reach their full potential to ensure that we have a pipeline of high quality talented leaders and managers for the future

4.4. have robust financial plans to generate a surplus for re-investment (in resources) to deliver our ambition

4.5. be selective when opportunities arise

4.6. continually improve our processes to ensure we remain an effective and efficient organisation.

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