School Staff

Key Staff 2.2.17

Term of office

Head of School

Dr Janet Hirst

 1.1.18 -1.1.21

Deputy Head of School

Directors and Deputies

Director of Student Education

Dr Helen Smith

1.5.16 – 30.4.19

Director of Research and Innovation

Prof Carl Thompson

1.10.16 – 30.9.19

Director of Practice

Mrs Julia Turner

1.5.16 – 30.4.19

Deputy Director of Research and Innovation

Dr Linda Milnes

1.6.14 – 31.5.17

Academic Unit Directors

Adult Child and Mental Health Nursing

Mrs Gayle Garland

1.5.16 – 30.4.19

Midwifery, Social Work, Pharmacy and Counselling, Psychotherapy

Mrs Angela Hewitt

1.8.12 – 31.7.17

Associate Directors of Student Education

Admissions and Student Enhancement

Dr Julia Maz

1.12.14 – 30.11.17

Curriculum and Assessment

Dr Philip Esterhuizen

1.12.14 – 30.11.17


Mrs Joanne Lay

23.1.17 – 22.1.20

Professional Leads

Midwifery, Social Work and Counselling and Psychotherapy:

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Dr John Lees

1.9.16 – 31.8.19


Dr Thomasina Stacey


Dr David Alldred

20.5.15 – 19.5.18

Social Work

Mr Iain Moody

1.1.17 – 31.12.19

Adult, Child and Mental Health Nursing:

Adult Nursing

Mrs Gayle Garland

1.2.17 to date

Children’s Nursing

Ms Melanie Robbins

1.2.13 to date

Mental Health Nursing

Mrs Julia Turner

7.1.13 to date


Applied Health Research

Professor Linda McGowan

Applied Health Research

Professor Gretl McHugh

Applied Health Research

Professor Carl Thompson

Applied Health Sciences

Professor Anne-Maree Keenan

Dame Kathleen Raven Chair in Clinical Nursing Research


Health Systems Research

Professor Andrew Long

Pharmacy Practice

Professor Theo Raynor

Nursing Research

Professor José Closs

Mental Health

Professor John Baker


Professor Karen Spilsbury

Wound Healing

Professor Andrea Nelson

Child and Family Health

Professor Veronica Swallow

Academic Lead

Clinical Skills

Mrs Fiona Knights

1.7.15 – 30 6.18

Service User and Carer Involvement

Dr Joanna Smith

22.12.16 – 21.12.19

St Gemma’s Hospice

Dr Janet Holt

1.1.10 to date


Mrs Lynne Veal

1.7.15 – 30.6.18

Other Roles


School Lead for Scholarship

Dr Janet Holt

10.10.16 – 9.10.16

Postgraduate Research Tutor

Dr Paul Marshall

1.12.12 – to date

Associate Tutor Postgraduate Research Students

Dr Rebecca Randell

1.2.16 – 31.1.19

Academic Integrity Officer

Dr Jim Jolly

1.11.13 – 31.10.16

Lead Midwife for Education

Dr Kuldip Bharj

ends 31.7.17

Chair of School Progression and Awards Board

Dr Helen Smith


Designated Officer / Professional Conduct

Mrs Paula Mayo

28.9.16 – 27.9.19

Disability Co-ordinator

Mrs Jo Lay

1.10.13 – 30.9.16

Disclosure Barring Service

Mr Iain Moody

1.12.14 – 30.11.17

Official Correspondent for the Nursing & Midwifery Council

Mrs Julia Turner

1.6.16 – 30.5.19

Chair of School Research Ethics Committee Mrs Helen Convey 13.4.17-12.4.20
Equality & Inclusion Co-ordinator Ms Sue Kilminster 1.4.16

Academic and Business Services

Business Manager

Mrs Angela O’Keefe

Estates Co-ordinator

Mr Tim Knighton

Health and Safety Co-ordinator

Mr Tim Knighton

Marketing Manager

Mr Neil Howson

Operations Manager

Mr Abdul Kapdi

Student Support Services

Quality Assurance Manager

Miss Deborah Schofield

School Education Services Manager

Mrs Sarah Hawksworth

Secretarial Contacts

Head of School Office

Miss Julie Howard

Ms Sharon Lalley

Academic Unit Directors and Professoriate Support

Mrs Nicola Sherbourne-Wilson