Study at the Faculty of Medicine and Health

Medical researcher

Comprising four Schools/Institute, our Faculty undertakes research across the full range of human sciences and offer inspiring learning opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as and those interested in further professional development.

Our aim is to enable students to enter professional practice within the health services with the knowledge, skills and attributes which prepare them to be excellent practitioners. To do this, all Schools/Institutes in the Faculty maintain close links with colleagues in the NHS, many of whom contribute directly to our programmes of study, both in the classroom and through the provision of valuable clinical and practise-based learning opportunities. An example of this is our partnership with the Bradford Institute of Health Research, which provides both postgraduate and undergraduate links to research and education in the field of applied health psychology.

Currently, we have over 4,000 undergraduates and over 1,500 postgraduates studying for either a research degree (MRes, MPhil, PhD, MD, Prof Doc) or following one of the many taught Master's programmes within the Faculty. Although many students have clinical training, at least as many are non-clinical scientists with BSc degrees in disciplines such as psychology, radiography, cardiology and audiology who share an interest in work at the interface of basic and clinical science. The Faculty Graduate School also supports education and training of the best and brightest postgraduate researchers.

In the Faculty of Medicine and Health, we are proud of our innovative, research-based and student-centred learning which both reflects real world need and equips students to have impact in their chosen careers.