Becoming a Nurse

Becoming a Nurse

Wednesday 25th February 2015, 1pm – 3pm

This was an event to promote fair access to university.

This event was for high achieving Year 12 and mature students from groups under-represented in higher education and seriously considering a career as a nurse; the attendees had to live, work or study in West Yorkshire or be registered with Reach for Excellence or Realising Opportunities to be eligible.

Becoming a Nurse was an information session. Through a set of talks from current nursing students, lecturers and others associated with the  programmes, it explored three fields of nursing available to study if you wish to pursue a career in nursing, namely, Adult, Child and Mental Health.

This information session included advice and encouragement to help you fulfil your career ambitions if you hope to become a nurse.

  • The talks were designed to promote a realistic understanding of nurse education and practice, the healthcare team and patient care.
  • The session helped attendees identify the most appropriate field of nursing to their interests, and dispel myths about each profession.
  • There was an overview of the admissions processes for the School of Healthcare including advice about work experience, personal statements and selection methods.
  • Attendees were also introduced to evidence-based practice contributing to the future of nursing and patient-centred care.

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