Becoming a Psychologist


Wednesday 4th February 2015, 2pm – 4.30pm

This was an event to promote fair access to university.

This event was for high achieving Year 12 and mature students from groups under-represented in higher education; the attendees had to live, work or study in West Yorkshire or be registered with Reach for Excellence or Realising Opportunities to be eligible to attend.

Becoming a Psychologist was an introduction to the varied career opportunities available to holders of a degree in Psychology. Some relate directly to psychology. These include roles such as clinical psychologist, educational psychologist or sports psychologist. Other jobs are more generic across fields such as counselling, teaching, marketing, human resources or in mental health or prison services.

Becoming a Psychologist was a set of talks from university careers advisers, academic staff members and current psychology undergraduates and research students. The event aimed to provide some careers information for people considering a degree in psychology. It also aimed to give advice about choosing a university and making your university application stand out.

Following the event, here are some links to further information which might be useful:

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