Section of Brain Tumour Research

Led by Professor Susan Short

We are a consortium of investigators from both basic research and clinical backgrounds, working to understand the processes that promote the development of different brain cancers, and translate our research findings for the benefit of brain cancer patients. Aggressive brain tumours have devastating outcomes for patients and their families. Through understanding their biology and establishing a clear route from laboratory to the clinic, we aim to contribute to more efficacious treatments for these diseases.

A more detailed description of our research can be found on our website

All academic staff in the Section contribute to teaching in their specialist areas, including the teaching of medical students and undergraduate and postgraduate life sciences students. 


Professor Susan Short (Head of Section)

Dr Georgia Mavria (Deputy Head of Section)
Signal Transduction and Tumour Microenvironment Group

Dr Heiko Wurdak
Stem Cells and Brain Tumour Group

Dr Lucy Stead
Glioma Genomics Group