The Leeds Centre for Personalised Medicine and Health

Tailored healthcare for every patient

We’re working towards a health care system where diagnosis and treatment can be personalised to each individual patient – moving away from a “one size fits all” approach to treatment and care to one which uses more sophisticated techniques to target therapies and treatments.  That means better outcomes for patients – and better use of NHS resources.

By drawing together existing strengths in clinical technology development, health technology assessment, medical informatics and NHS adoption, the Leeds Centre for Personalised Medicine and Health (LCPMH) is in a very strong position to lead  UK healthcare towards this goal.

Working with experts and organisations that are at the forefront of these fields, we’re developing a research-care system that allows healthcare innovations to progress efficiently from the laboratory into the clinic.  This approach is based on the successful work of the NIHR Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative Leeds, which facilitates the generation of high quality evidence on diagnostic medical devices for the NHS, applying it to other areas of medical technology including devices and drugs.

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Driving new technologies into clinical practice
Our aim is to improve the pathways along which research innovations need to progress before they can be adopted by clinicians. This starts with the researchers themselves: we want to foster a culture in which researchers consider early on how technologies they’re developing will benefit patients and healthcare systems.
At the same time, we want to enable healthcare service providers to articulate their needs, stimulating ‘targeted innovation’ and reducing wasted effort and poor patient outcomes.

By focusing on the final application of technologies at the outset, we can model their potential impact in the clinic – as well as their cost effectiveness. This gives us a solid platform from which to drive innovations through all the stages of evidence generation, measurement validation and into the healthcare system .  Working through the Leeds Academic Health Partnership and other key stakeholders in Leeds we aim to rapidly develop, evaluate and deploy at pace and scale, using the scale and simplicity of the Leeds health ecosystem.

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