Leeds Institute of Medical Education has currently three main scholarship themes – assessment of competence, transitions in medicine and the use of technology in enhancing learning. These themes have been developed to support our mission to enhance the student educational experience and are seen are central to the continued high quality of learning and teaching of the School.

In the area of assessment of competence ongoing work includes monitoring the impact of interventions in OSCE design and test formats, including innovative work relating to checklists and ‘key features’ scales.  We have successfully introduced a sequential testing model of assessment for senior undergraduate assessments, underpinned by published work relating to longitudinal student performance and resit-remediation issues. In the future we are looking to develop ‘open book’ assessments using internet based resources.

Using the results of our research on transitions we are working with our local NHS partners to develop ‘super assistantships’ for final year students so that new graduates are supported in their work and patient safety issues are addressed.

The research on technology has a focus on several aspects of student learning, including feedback, generic learning skills, using self-regulated learning to improve academic and clinical performance and the early identification and support of struggling students. We aim to provide students with the personalised information they need to become successful life long learners Although the main output of this research strand is to inform curriculum development and student support for the undergraduate course, the research has wider applicability. We have used our expertise in technology and learning to engage with international partners and this has resulted in recent success in obtaining major European funding for work in interprofessional continued professional development.