Advanced Imaging centre

The Advanced Imaging Centre

A Major Research Facility located in The Gilbert Scott Building of the Leeds General Infirmary houses a state of the art clinical MRI scanner (Siemens 3T Prisma 60cm bore system), a seminar room with live audio-visual links to the scanner control room and laboratory space.

What It Provides

The facility will allow development and translation of hyperpolarised MRI as well as research in various clinical areas. A wide selection of coils is available, including surface coils for 13C, 31P, 23Na and 19F allowing multi-nuclear spectroscopy studies to be performed. The centre also houses two laboratories outside the controlled area as well as a hyperpolarisation room directly adjacent to the scanner.

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Cardiac MRI Unit

A Major Research Facility located in Clarendon Wing of Leeds General Infirmary houses two state of the art clinical MRI scanners:
1. Philips 1.5T Ingenia 70cm bore
2. Philips 3T Achieva TX 60cm bore 

What It Provides

The two Philips scanners are mainly dedicated to cardiovascular research but are also equipped to scan other body systems, including functional brain MRI.

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Cardiovascular Research Facility

The Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility (CV-CRF) was set up after a successful bid to the Leeds Charitable Foundation in late 2013 by Professor John Greenwood, Consultant Cardiologist and Professor Steve Smye, Director of R&I (leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust; LTHT).
The new CV-CRF is co-located with the general cardiology wards, the Cardiac Investigation Unit and the Out-Patient area, creating a dedicated research facility for both out-patient and in-patient investigations.
High quality cardiovascular research is well established at LTHT but this dedicated space with a new specific phase 1 study area takes cardiovascular research into world leading arenas.
The ambition of LTHT is to be a global leader in research and innovation, delivering real benefit to patients and high quality care.

The CV-CRF is also part of the overall NIHR funded Leeds Clinical Research Facility, which includes similar dedicated research sites for Oncology & Haematology based in Bexley Wing at St James Hospital and Musculoskeletal Diseases at Chapel Allerton Hospital. The Leeds CRF Executive Group is currently working towards an integrated CRF model with a clear overarching strategy, business development model, and governance and management procedures, creating three inter-dependent spokes supported by a common hub.

What It Provides

The CV-CRF was equipped for first patient use in August 2014. Our portfolio of research includes an extensive range of commercial and non-commercial clinical trials, including complex experimental medicine and device studies. The facility is also utilised by other specialities including Stroke, Neurology, and Anaesthetics, with further expected use by Vascular Surgery and Emergency Care.


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The Sound Asleep Laboratory

The Sound Asleep Laboratory is composed of a participant bedroom and an observation room, which also provides a bed for the observer. In the participant bedroom sound-attenuation is provided, a Faraday cage is fitted (fully EMI/RF shielded) and light is minimised. The participant should manage a good-night's sleep on the comfortable memory foam mattress.

What it Provides

The laboratory provides: A polysomnograph to measure brain activity whilst sleeping, Observation room with tester sleep facilities, Facilities for simulating a range of auditory and lighting environments, Full risk assessment for overnight sleep experiment

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 Email Graham Law or Ted Killan

Scintigraphic Mouse Scanner

Scintigraphic Mouse Scanner

The “γ-eye” is a benchtop gamma camera, dedicated for whole body mouse imaging. The system is located at LICAMM, but it is fully portable so as to allow easy transfer to other facilities.

What it provides

The “γ-eye” is a unique bench top system with 5x10cm2 FOV, optimized for whole-body mouse imaging. It provides static and fast dynamic studies with user-selection time frame.

The “γ-eye” system delivers accurate and semi-quantitative functional information about various structures during mouse scan. Its technology gives the ability to image a variety of readily available 99mTc-based radiotracers and novel probes.

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