Early Phase

LICTR has an expanding portfolio of early phase trials which covers phase I, phase II as well as trials assessing feasibility and proof of concept of new treatment modalities.

The Early Phase portfolio within the Cancer Division offers expertise in early phase clinical trial design, trial and data management, and statistics. Strategically, there are a number of key areas of development for the division including:

  • immunological approaches, including viral therapy;
  • combining targeted systemic therapies to selectively enhance the tumour response to radiotherapy;
  • new technical advances in surgical practice such as robotics;
  • novel approaches to drug delivery and studies tailored to specific under-represented and/or rare populations;
  • improving patient outcomes through the evaluation of novel radiation techniques to reduce toxicity or improve efficacy.

Key collaborations have been established with a number of charity and pharmaceutical partners as well as with other university and NHS partners. Two innovative collaborations which underpin much of the work done in the early phase division are the Myeloma UK Early Phase Clinical Trials Network Co-ordinating Centre and the Yorkshire Cancer Research Centre for Early Phase Clinical Trials.

For information about the clinical trials we design and conduct in the early phase drug trial setting please visit the relevant portfolio pages:

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