Division of Biomedical Imaging

The Division of Biomedical Imaging, headed by Professor Sven Plein, is a cutting edge multi-disciplinary research and teaching group dedicated to the development, clinical translation and clinical application of innovative biomedical imaging methods.

Supported by major grants from the British Heart Foundation, the Medical Research Council, the National Institute for Health Research and other funders, our objectives are to provide imaging solutions to improve the understanding of disease and ultimately improve patient care.

The division brings together experts in Medical Physics, Imaging Science, Clinical Imaging and Radiography. We have recognized expertise in depth-resolved optical imaging of cardiac-electrical activity and MRI and quantitative analysis of imaging data. In close collaboration with Chemistry in Leeds we develop novel contrast agents and Hyperpolarised MRI methods. We lead a large number of local and multi-centre trials and our key discoveries in cardiovascular MRI have informed national and international practice guidelines. We deliver a nationally leading Radiology teaching programme and Medical Imaging courses. 

Our world-class imaging facilities include a dedicated clinical MRI research facility with the latest generation 1.5T and 3T MRI scanners. A new state of the art preclinical imaging facility with high-field MRI, optical imaging, CT and PET/CT and a new National Centre for Hyperpolarised MRI will expand our existing imaging infrastructure from early 2016. These facilities will support major new translational imaging programmes and provide opportunities for researchers with experience in preclinical and molecular imaging.

Key Funding

Optimisation and validation of single-kidney GFR measurement with dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI
Kidney Research UK project grant

The purpose of this project is: (i) to optimise the analysis of these data to improve reproducibility and make it sufficiently practical for application in routine clinical practice; (ii) to validate the optimised method by comparison against the gold-standard and alternative DCE-MRI methods in a large existing study population; (iii) to support distribution, wider acceptance and transferability by development of a software prototype METHODS A database of 143 patient studies with paired MRI/radio-isotope data will be compiled by combining data from 4 previous studies.

Quantitative cardiac magnetic resonance for the evaluation of sub-clinical fibrosis and micro-vascular dysfunction in diabetic cardiomyopathy.
National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) PhD Research Fellowship

People  with  diabetes  mellitus  have  a  high  risk  of  developing  heart  failure.  This  risk  is  partly  due  to  diabetes  and  heart disease  sharing  some  risk  factors,  but  diabetes  also  causes  heart  wall  fibrosis,  contributing  to  the  development  of  heart failure.  This  work  aims  to  develop  and  test quantitative  magnetic  resonance  imaging  (MRI)  methods  for  measuring  the degree of heart muscle fibrosis. The methods will be tested in volunteers and patients with early and developed diabetes. They are expected to improve detection of heart wall damage in its early, potentially reversible, phase, allowing more timely treatment to prevent or delay development of heart failure.

2012-2017 BHF (SP/12/29062).
Greenwood (PI), Plein, Ball, Brown, Sculpher, McCann, Berry. Clinical Evaluation of 3T Magnetic Resonance imaging for the management of patients with Coronary heart disease
The CE-MARC 2 study. £1,177,145.

2012-2014 BHF. Greenwood(PI), Plein, McCann, Conway.
Cardiovascular MR evaluation of the safety and efficacy of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) compared to surgical Aortic Valve Replacement (SAVR).

2013 – 2015 NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship David Broadbent.
Quantitative cardiac magnetic resonance for the evaluation of sub-clinical fibrosis and microvascular dysfunction in diabetic cardiomyopathy.

Key Publications


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Mrs.Amber Gislason-Lee- A.J.GISLASON@LEEDS.AC.UK- Research Assistant

Mr.Andrew Davies- A.G.Davies@leeds.ac.uk- Lecturer

Dr.Anita Banerji- A.BANERJI@LEEDS.AC.UK- Research Fellow

Dr.Arshad Zaman- A.ZAMAN@LEEDS.AC.UK- Research Fellow

Dr.Bara Erhayiem- B.ERHAYIEM@LEEDS.AC.UK- Clinical Research Fellow

Dr.Charalampos Tsoumpas- C.TSOUMPAS@LEEDS.AC.UK- Lecturer in Medical Imaging

Professor.David Buckley- D.L.BUCKLEY@LEEDS.AC.UK- Professor

Dr.David Ripley- D.RIPLEY@LEEDS.AC.UK- Research Fellow

Dr.James Foley- J.FOLEY@LEEDS.AC.UK- Clinical Research Fellow

Professor.John Greenwood- J.Greenwood@leeds.ac.uk- Professor (Clinical)

Dr.Joseph Evans- J.A.EVANS@LEEDS.AC.UK- Senior Lecturer

Dr.Laura Dobson- L.DOBSON@LEEDS.AC.UK- Clinical Research Fellow

Dr.Laura Treadgold- L.A.Rhodes@leeds.ac.uk- Lecturer in Medical Physics

Mr.Leonidas Georgiou- L.GEORGIOU@LEEDS.AC.UK- Research Fellow

Dr.Pankaj Garg- P.GARG@LEEDS.AC.UK- Clinical Research Fellow

Dr.Peter Swoboda- P.SWOBODA@LEEDS.AC.UK- Clinical Research Fellow

Professor.Sven Plein- S.PLEIN@LEEDS.AC.UK- Professor of Cardiology (Clinical)

Dr.Tarique Al Musa- T.A.MUSA@LEEDS.AC.UK- Clinical Research Fellow