The Comprehensive Health Research Division (CHR Division) was established in 2007 in response to acquisition of core infrastructure funding from Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust. The scientific strategy within the Division mirrors this infrastructure funding such that it is based mainly on Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust priority areas, local expertise and NIHR priority areas.

The CHR Division is led by Professor Linda Sharples. It embraced the existing Cardiovascular and Skin Portfolios which were developed through Department of Health core funding and subsequently extended to include research in the areas of Musculoskeletal Disease and Dentistry.

Key trials have established:

• Rosuvastatin 10mg is a safe alternative to standard care (simvastatin 40mg) in acute MI patients.
• the cost effectiveness of mattress overlays and alternating pressure mattresses for the prevention of pressure ulcers
• key risk factors in pressure ulcer development including alterations to intact skin, non-blanching erythema and diabetes
• optimal clinical outcome definition for pressure ulcer research
• the impact of pressure ulcers on Quality of Life.

Research Leads

Professor Linda Sharples, Director Comprehensive Health Research Division

Professor Jane Nixon, Deputy Director LICTR, Skin Portfolio Lead