The newly founded Leeds Centre for Reproduction and Early Development is built on our reputation for research and education in the fields of Reproductive Science and Medicine, Pregnancy and Perinatal Medicine and Paediatric Epidemiology and Child Health.  Our research portfolio encompasses the fundamental science that underpins the continuum from conception through childhood to adulthood, its translation to reproductive and perinatal medicine and the study of childhood diseases that impact on adult health and life course. The close working relationship between our Centre and the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust provides us with superb opportunities for the conduct of clinically important biomedical research in specialisms such as infertility, maternity, neonatology and paediatrics, including oncology. The Centre is expanding its research portfolio around the links between gamete and embryo development, maternal environments and poor nutrition, obesity and their impact on infertility, pregnancy and perinatal health, reproductive ageing and metabolic disturbance.

Lead Academic:
Professor Helen Picton, tel: +44 (0) 113 3437817, email: