Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research is an international leader in the design and conduct of complex clinical trials with approximately 100 trials currently underway, from first in man evaluations through to large international evaluations. The Academic Unit of Elderly Care and Rehabilitation, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences is an internationally recognised centre for stroke research, with an extensive portfolio of important, high impact, clinical studies utilising a range of mixed methods.  Clinical Trials Research at the University of Leeds includes new approaches to design, delivery or analysis of innovative and complex early to late phase multi-centre clinical trials, including trials investigating stratified treatment regimens, dynamic treatment strategies or complex interventions. Clinical trials modules are also included in a range of postgraduate taught courses. Applied statisticians/health researchers/clinical trial methodologists are supported within a vibrant environment in Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research and Leeds Institute of Health Sciences.

Lead Academic:
Professor Julia Brown, tel: +44 (0) 113 3431499, email: J.M.B.Brown@leeds.ac.uk