Course History

The course was established in 2000, as the first web-based MSc degree course in Clinical Embryology. Over 250 students have attended the course in total.
Students from around 40 countries have attended the course so far. The countries of origin include: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nigeria, Norway, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Sudan, Sweden, Turkey,UK, USA, Zimbabwe.

Through the general feedback received, and the use of reports from a student representative from each year group, the course is updated and modified to be as straightforward and efficient as possible for attending students.

The Diploma option was introduced as means to allow academic qualification without the requirement for students to undertake the research project.

The University of Leeds has responded to meet the challenges of providing quality distance learning. To find out more about being a student at the University of Leeds, and about the University in general, please visit

All registered distance learning students receive the following:

  • A student card and library card allowing access to all University facilities when on campus (3 weeks in total).
  • Full access to the University of Leeds Library electronic resource catalogue from home.
  • A dedicated Webmail account, ideal for course communication.
  • A University computer account, allowing access to discussion rooms and other facilities.
  • Access to many reproductive medicine/biology journals.
  • Technical support at both the level of the course (the course website), and also for issues regarding the library and all computing issues.