Section of Pathology and Tumour Biology

Led by Professor Phil Quirke

This section undertakes translational research in cancer gastrointestinal cancer (Quirke, West, Grabsch, Hutchins), breast cancer (Hanby, Speirs, Verghese), Head and Neck and lymphomas (MacLennan) and ovarian cancer (Orsi) as well as digital pathology (Treanor) and molecular pathology (All and Wood). Our focus is on translational research moving basic scientific advances into patient care, precision medicine and improving patient outcomes.

Pathology has the largest academic pathology training programme in the United Kingdom with 2 NIHR Clinical Lecturers, 2 out of programme medical PhD students, 4 NIHR Academic Clinical Fellows and 2  NIHR Dental Academic Clinical Fellows and 6 academic FY1 and FY2 posts.

We are part of the CRUK Cancer Centre, the Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre and the Wellmec Centre.  We have programme grant funding from Medical Research Council (SCORT and Focus 4) CRUK, Yorkshire Cancer Research and the Breast Cancer Campaign and a wide range of other funders such as the NIHR.

We are undertaking translational research in over 30 UK clinical trials in breast, colon, stomach and oesophageal cancers. Our digital science can be seen at and the breast cancer tissue bank at  We publish on average 40 papers a year, many in high impact factor Journals.

We thank our supporters especially Yorkshire Cancer Research and the Liz Dawn appeal for investing in the our laboratories and for their ongoing support.


Breast Cancer Morphology Research Group
Group Leader: Professor Andrew Hanby 

Breast Research Group
Group Leader: Professor Valerie Speirs

Colorectal Cancer Research Group
Group Leader: Professor Phil Quirke Dr Nick West

Digital Pathology Research Group
Group Leader: Dr Darren Treanor

Gynaecological Pathology
Group Leader: Nick Orsi

Lymphoma and Head and Neck Cancer Research Group
Group Leader: Professor Ken MacLennan

Upper GI Cancer Research Group
Group Leader: Dr Gordon Hutchins

Upper GI Cancer Research Group
Group Leader: Professor Heike Grabsch, Dr Gordon Hutchins

Clinical Academic Pathology Academic Foundation - 3 posts in Histopathology FY1 and FY2

Alice Huskington CRUK/Pathological Society Bursary clinical research fellow

NIHR Academic Clinical Fellows
ACF1 vacant and 2 posts for August 2018
Kate Marks (PhD ACF  ST1)  Lower GI
Emily Clarke (ACF1 ST1) Digital pathology
Kathryn Griffin (PhD, FRCS, ACF1 ST1) Cardiovascular Pathology
Scarlet Brockmoeller  (MPhil Part1 FRCPath ACF2 ST2) Lower GI

PhD Fellows
Caroline Young (Wellcome Trust PhD Fellow,  Part1 FRCPath)  Lower GI
Tim Palmer (CRUK PhD Fellow  Part1 FRCPath) Lower GI

NIHR Clinical Lecturers
Nick Orsi (PhD Part1 FRCPath) Gynaecological Pathology
Gordon Hutchins (PhD Part1 FRCPath) Upper GI Pathology

University Academic Fellow/ Hon Consultant
Nick West (PhD, FRCPath) Lower GI

Dental Pathology
Laura Whitehouse (ACF1 ST3 Part1 FRCPath) Oral and Maxillo-facial Pathology

Other pathology postgraduate medical degrees 2016
Euwing Toh (MD ST2  Part1 FRCPath)
Waleed Fateen (PhD ST3 MRCP) Gastroenterology (Nottingham)
Laura Wasall (PhD ST2) Breast