Values and Flavour: Does Ethically Produced Food Taste Better? Seminar

The first seminar of the Sadler Seminar Series 2017-18 - What to eat? Values and food choice, titled Values and flavour: does ethically produced food taste better?

Seminar leaders, Aaron Meskin (Philosophy, Leeds) and Pam Birtill (Psychology, Leeds) will discuss philosophical and psychological research on the interaction of values in the domain of food. Meskin will provide an overview of recent philosophical work exploring the connection between ethical and aesthetic value in food. He will argue that in some cases, food may be aesthetically better in virtue of its ethical flaws. Birtill will discuss recent experimental work about the effects of ethical information on flavour judgments and food evaluation.

All are welcome!

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Series convenors: Aaron Meskin (PRHS, Leeds); Pam Birtill (Psychology, Leeds); Wändi Bruine de Bruin (Centre for Decision Research, Leeds)

Co-sponsored by the LHRI and N8 Agrifood.


LHRI Seminar Room 1