The Future of the Stethoscope: Public Debate

The stethoscope is the badge of the doctor for very good reason - it enables them to 'see' inside the chest. Doctors didn't always have this skill, nor the instrument - but is is outdated?

The stethoscope was in fact invented 200 years ago by Rene Laennec. Laennec's device made the interior of the living body capable of being visualised.

But now that visualisation can be undertaken by ultrasound - with doctors using handheld devices that link to smartphones.

So has the stethoscope had its day?

Should it move over and let technology help us to see inside the human body?

Or will it always be the badge of honour that enables doctors to see inside our bodies?

Join us for an ‘Oxford style’ debate with arguments both for and against the future of the stethoscope.

Who wins? You, our audience decides…!

Register for your place via Eventbrite here.

Everyone is welcome to this free, public event - we will even have electronic key pads so you can take part in our vote!


Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre, Michael Sadler Building, University of Leeds