seminar series

Dr. Elizabeth Evans, University of Newcastle Developing an evidence base for weight loss maintenance in Europe: implications for behavioural interventions

Abstract: The vast majority of weight loss attempts amongst overweight and obese Europeans take place outside of structured clinical or research contexts (Santos et al, 2016). Consequently, little is known about factors influencing the success of these efforts, or the extent to which weight loss is maintained. An understanding of the natural life course of weight control efforts in the general overweight and obese population is essential to the development of effective, scalable interventions for weight loss maintenance. 

Our Horizon 2020-funded research programme explores naturalistic weight control activities via three novel studies across the UK, Portugal and Denmark. These include large representative population surveys of weight loss and maintenance in overweight and obese adults, in-depth qualitative interviews with formerly-obese individuals from the three countries who have maintained >5% weight loss, and a large longitudinal cohort study of UK individuals attempting to maintain weight loss with a commercial slimming organisation.

Two years into the project, I will report on our findings and will highlight novel, ecologically-valid correlates of 'real world' weight loss and weight loss maintenance success in these European samples. I will discuss the implications for behavioural intervention development and the extent to which they inform the development of generalisable guidance to support weight loss maintenance in the overweight/obese European general population.

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