Developing a representation of the self: bodily awareness in childhood Seminar

For the first external seminar on Wednesday 8th November we are pleased to welcome Dr Dorothy Cowie from Durham University.

Compared with many other psychological processes, one might think that understanding one’s own body is a relatively easy task. But on closer inspection, this is not a single problem – it involves understanding where one’s body is in space, localising touches that are applied to it, and subjectively identifying body parts as one’s own.

Further, even in adults the sense of bodily self can be experimentally manipulated with techniques such as the Rubber Hand Illusion. For children, operating in the context of rapid bodily growth, might body representation be even more flexible than for adults?

In this talk Dr Dorothy Cowie will present evidence in support of the idea that body representations remain plastic through mid-childhood, and discuss the implications of this view for emerging VR technologies and for rehabilitation.


Psychology Building, Room 1.33 / 1.34