Micheál Martin: Inspiring a smoke free campus and city - what Leeds can learn from the Republic of Ireland

Thirteen years ago Micheál Martin, as Ireland’s Health Minister, implemented a law requiring smoke free workplaces. What inspiration can our campus and Leeds gain?

Thirteen years ago Miche├íl Martin, as Ireland’s Health Minister, implemented a law requiring smoke free workplaces. It was the first law of its kind in Europe and it followed many decades of anti-smoking legislation and campaigning.

The ban was brought forward as a positive, progressive health and safety measure that would bestow positive benefits to workers and the general public.

Has the smoking ban saved lives and improved health? A 2013 study showed that more than 3,700 deaths have been prevented in Ireland because people are less exposed to second-hand smoke. The study showed that mortality decreases were primarily due to reductions in passive smoking, rather than a reduction in active smoking.

The study showed a 26pc reduction in heart disease, a 32pc fall in strokes and a 38pc drop in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease mortality.

The findings in the scientific paper were published in the medical journal 'PLOS One' and follow research by Brunel University, London; the Environmental Health Sciences Institute; Dublin Institute of Technology; and the Tobacco Free Research Institute.

Other research in 2012 shown a significant 12% reduction in hospital admissions for acute coronary syndrome just one year following the introduction of Ireland’s ban and again two years later a further 13% drop in acute coronary syndrome admissions was recorded.

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